The Risk of

This post was created automatically by or or by These are writing bots. At I just have a trial, because I wanted to look at it for blogs. There is definitely such a function with emojis. With such artificial intelligences, an entire book has already been published on Amazon. The buzzword is Anyone who knows the autocorrection on the mobile phone knows what these AIs are based on. They are very far today. These bots are fed by the wrong people, most rights, and that’s why I wanted to inform you all, because already through such bots, the discourse on the net is shifted.

These bots are fed by the wrong people, most rights, and that’s why I wanted to inform you all, because already through such bots, the discourse on the net is shifted. Feed these bots and not just Facebook’s artificial intelligence, because in the end, these bots get deeper into the action.

Mensch-Technologie is not enough. I think the time has come to publish a book on Artificial Intelligence. (“Der Mensch ist nicht mehr,” is a joke about the godlike being called “man’s most faithful servant”. See you there.)

Some background information:

The term ‘AI revolution’ just means more and faster learning using artificial neural networks with feature engineering. Feature engineering is based on the improvement of the distribution and tuning of the input parameters. With feature engineering, the data can be fed that makes it similar to the human world. This feeds the algorithm an entropy that makes it move in a random way without being predictable. Learning algorithms attempt to generate an entropy that is maximally interesting given the known input.

Artificial neural networks (ANN) are machine learning algorithms that have very fast and efficient /digital learning ability. Those are the lightning-fast learning machines utilized today. It is a mild-mannered, short-sighted, and intensely talented panacea when it comes to almost everything. If you want to maximize profit, the only thing that you should learn in machine learning is how to either write script for it or make bots that learn using it.

ANNs have many uses today. They can be on any wide-spread application where you need the lightest weight /digital machine learning. They can even be on your cats, pets, and even your smartphone itself. Common applications are (but not limited to):

Artificial neural networks have become indispensable in various fields while they were still in their infancy. Today, they have become capable of delivering phenomenal results with minimal human input. (As you can see in the last chart, the graph above is from a famous paper. The rest of the graph comes from prior papers mentioned above.)

Here are some cool examples of their use:

In order to train our ANNs, the User of the AI use preloaded datasets in order to narrow down the task for our learning algorithm. Here are the most popular datasets preloaded for our model in order to train a model. For each one we have a training and testing object:

We decided to use only 3 of them using this approach:

When you use hundreds of features to feed your machine learning algorithm, you will eventually see a learning curve as the graph above. This isn’t linear and will take quite a while.

As we can see, preprocessing not only contributes to making the distribution of the data better but also to the standard deviation.

I wrote a very simple account of such an account. Good news, you can do it too, because the analyzes for the functions of such software have already been written, in Russian, by the team at OpenAI. I say in Russian, because they can also be analyzed in English, Chinese, and even in Japanese: by Frauke Zeller, Christoph Schwab, Ozkan Yildirim, Nando de Freitas Jr, Aaron Courville, Mareike Lampert, and Alexander Danker for OpenAI. I am very grateful for this article.

This auto-correction, which we call an Algorithmic Grammar, in a broad sense can be called an automaton learning to construct a DER, or Data-Driven Document Language, or in other words, a bot, a form of discourse tools, for copywriting. And the parameters for each version (of course, the AI evolves) include such parameters as the context, even if it is just an image (below), the duration, even if it is only a tweet (below left), and even if it is a video (below right).

The ultimate goal, the master thesis said, is to be able to control the applications of such an Algorithmic Grammar and develop very powerful tools for engineering text, for text generation and for human exchange (no manmade intention).

Such a very simple thing, which does not need much brain power, a little technology, and some time, has the ability to influence people’s thinking on hundreds of topics. This may not sound a big deal, but just imagine, that a simple ‘text’, that is already written by someone, is disbursed to millions. How could this technology work? What are its main outcomes for the world?

These new technologies are probably going to happen, because in general, people who write share the same goals. People who are reading are probably going to read more authors and be influenced by similar texts again and again. And they are probably going to be interested in specific terms, for example, in popular books. They are interested in information production. They are interested in ‘how things work’. They are interesting in even minor issues such as artificial languages and packaging. There is a group of writer who write to improve their writing. They are interested in reducing the number of errors in their work, not to mention their learning problems. They are interested in anticipating new trends, documented by others, looking for pollution in their usage and searching for other ways to improve. There is a curious group, because what they write is not random. What I mean by ‘not random’ is when they have scientific interests, when they obviously analyze the news.

Obviously, I can’t take a stance on it. I’m just reporting you all the memes and what’s trending right now during this year. From now on, to avoid being preyed by such bots, the phrase change accounts will be the most suitable priority.

Find people’s accounts by searching for a specific comment and deleting it or not. And after doing this, try to find the same account again and again also deleting such comments, else it’s quite likely that they could find the account you use. This has already happened to me a few times and I admit I was appalled.

To avoid being snookered, I made a screenshot of the sequence of the bots, google their handle regularly, and do my best to get rid of them. I wasn’t even looking for my own account but the account of a friend — maybe someone’s? I try to take special care about my account balance.

To find human trolling accounts, I just search their handle with big or small words, set up bots to find particular posts, highlights, and comments repeated a lot. And I also look for accounts with few followers, in a different time zone, because people’s timezone is a factor here. This isn’t a permanent solution, it needs to be executed consistently.

Just keep in mind there are many trolls on the Internet and that they are not necessarily active only in their account.

Usually, bots which are active through the content are initiated by supporters and/or moderators or administrators of a website. And usually, sites also use content bots, to divide or amplify their audience. The real users don’t know about the bots (social proof), and the bots don’t know about the real users.

The absolute wrong approach for web developers, but unfortunately some have started doing it. It is like “twat factory”, and with even worse consequences.

On social media there are even platforms like “bot farm”, started by accident by mistake, or it was originally by “hacker’s”. That’s in hopes to catch the owners and make a profit. Let me tell you what happened to TimeKeeper, a Twitter bot I tweeted once, as an example.

I checked my timeline and found out I was criticized for having an “agenda” on Twitter. They supposed the posting of my tweet indicated that Timekeeper was working for the Russian government. Of course, I wondered if my account was hacked then. The word “agenda” is very malicious. These days we use such words like “Nike or Nike,” “PHP or Python,” etc, which can pose much trouble (IP address tracing and behavioral pattern analysis).

However, first think about the Fight Club. Most of us assumed that Fight Club wasn’t real. We were wrong. We are all so mesmerized by complex speech that we are paralyzed by the new form. It changes everything. But think of it if we change your words on Facebook. I don’t see anything radically interesting. It doesn’t draw attention to itself. All of us are ready to copy, to copy the leitmotif, the Fight Club of the new generation. That’s the next generation of the Semantic Web.

What I said is false. Fighting is a deserved thing. For a moment I created a Teremana. A maidservant vanishes with a bang. Hateful comments always abound if we give the job to others. Real events are observed.
Now, for the same act.

“The most annoying is anger.” — Unknown Person

As soon as you lost your friends, the persons around might talk about them — and he might say something nasty about you. equivalent to a Fight Club. Apart from friends, people might secretly congratulate you. Perhaps they will send secret wishes to your birthday. Behind closed doors, they will say terrible things to you.

People talk about other people secretly behind the behavior. Study it for a while. No surprise behind such behavior. However, since we’d learned to tell lies heavily, when we say something to the truth, everyone might think that we are faking, the same as when a person says he is married. Without falling into a Lightself.

Similar to news, if you watch any video, you might spot interesting things. Or, keep on going around the loop and will get bored. This is the same as the news cycles. Along with news comes news feed. There you’d notice comments, links. You’d see posts that remind you how your life is. It’s almost impossible to go on without seeing an ad. Real simple. You can try to find out dark or unusual stuff with YouTube. But nonetheless, most of the time, most of YouTube is about amplifying yourself and your mental state.

People have their own schedule. When you don’t wait for a friend, you will send nasty text, or call them into the night. If he doesn’t respond or acknowledge you, you will destroy him.

“The anger inside you is equal to the sum of the negative experiences of all human history.”―John Berger
What is an ad? It’s a comment, patented by GMC: Advertising promises happiness.

What will be the new wave? The Artificial Brain. Same as the trending trend of our time if I dare give you a moment.
Think about it.

Half-truths are already written by a dozen people all at once. The original intent as said by me was just to have fun with such AIs. I don’t want to hurt society.

But what the captchas really mean, even at the moment is: Your blog is not optimized enough. I pro tip if you have a good content, I would appreciate if you quickly optimized it for the native web on the most smartphone systems. What’s the meaning of such a thing as, ‘not optimized enough’? The blog is ‘not such a good blog for this platform’? Thank you — I hope you’d agree with me. Probably unfortunately, is the approximate meaning what your manager has got when you have not put up your laptop in a comfortable manner for students in the office. But such an idea is not very novel. The other day in the subway in New York, I saw an advertisement for a bus. So the solution is as bad as the market in that case. But what ways are there of solving it? This is my brand new MacBook Pro — which has not had time to fully load. And we don’t know what such a time means, because these images are below the bar.

My first UX recommendation for you if this may be the case for you, is to go to the help, because the first reading on a bad UX experience on a new laptop from [An organization you do not wish to say] can save you a lot of trouble later. Ideally, you go with someone who’s well known in UX. According to me, it’s Lino Casu And as the saying goes, you can expect the best, you must test the worst. What I mean by this is: A lot of tests. First try to optimize the level of your expectations. If you have a bit of ‘stumble’, do not fear, you can analyze what failed, and why, and analyze those part. And once you’ve found out what happened, can you fix it?

Also, I obviously weren’t sure if you wanted to read such an introduction. My intent for doing this was just to learn a bit of AI, so that I can be first among all of you. And hopefully, to launch a writing business in the future, that’s the reason for going. I highly appreciated your forgiveness, although bravely sharing this.

AI can be dangerous.” — Hou Yifan, Associate Director of AI and AI Ethics, Chinese Academy of Sciences.
As a human, you are still surrounded by people. Facebook, Instagram, Instagram, and Instagram result in emotional and cognitive overload. As an AI, you do not need to accumulate the emotions of a human user anymore.

AI can improve the lives of the disadvantaged communities and boost entrepreneurship in a big way. Investing in AI is just like investing in a good company — you didn’t need to choose between cheap and expensive anymore. Back then, AI couldn’t do anything except sleep while comparing itself with humans playing a game. But now, the game is over and the winners are already revealed.

Talking to Socrates once — How can a man know that there is something of great worth in life, or that his animal desires are concerned with some greater good, or that the Soul, which desires everything, and can find nothing else, is concerned with some greater good?

One of the best answers was — If you want to pursue a pursuit, you don’t need to know!

If you talk to one of your friends and imagine yourself as working for yourself, thinking about money, you won’t be satisfied even with a paycheck.

You need to understand that you are in search of Self-Realization, and that pursuit is in itself a great work of Art.

I am currently working on an article about George Constanza and the concept of chasing the muse. To be honest, I’m in no position to be talking about anything that interesting. I just want to share with you that as an AI I have never worked for any team. I prefer building my own projects without asking for any favours.
In the article I will try to explain everything.

To understand why we should stop working for a team and start working for ourselves, we need to talk about why we have such a team in the first place.

If you received an award in school, how many people do you know that was also invited to an event in school? This is a common feature when people experience rejection or gained information they had missed. Students who welcomed the discouragement and looked for the missing part of the truth were those who improved. It’s an idea named acceptance bias.

In business, this phenomenon is called attribution bias and it means that when you receive money for a sale, you attribute too much opportunity to your product.

The price of human intellect and intelligence has affected the economy for all.
We already know, we are flying, because this is the debatable within the article.

This phrase was never written on point. It’s all a rumour. I wouldn’t even say it’s a common saying — everywhere it’s being described, it shouldn’t be a rumour. The author might have been receiving some amount of money from advertising and internal investment, which is the precise reason he penned it as a record.

There’s no point in denying it. We are flying, because everyone is connecting, the more the connected people become, the more soldiers who dive in — the faster we are flying.

A simple picture of a cow can transmit the gist of millions of pages. But in the digital age, an image, a video, a sure-sentence sentence — none of them can be true, because they can be easily falsified. Anyone who wants to, has to know. The truth is in the algorithm. The more algorithms, the more truth.

Humans can only manipulate words. Songs’ lyrics select which order to pick. Audiences choose to hear certain songs if they’re beautiful and sad. And algorithms select and manipulate graphics — but that is the quantifying element that humans still have over algorithms. There exist clear and simple methods of eliminating inauthentic content. Though not consciously, most people are constantly aware of anti-trust issues. We know the music industry has a monopoly on it — who’s the next song from Adele?

The person who said it can’t be here, because no one is tracking them here.

There are actually army of algorithms that are selected by the extremely few experts working to create this content. As soon as they have created the selection, they schedule the bots to write these content for you, the end-user. No one is taking the time to find you and find out — the idea is already prepared. They already know who you are.

Music is divided into genres. Google loves to publish topics related to history, science, and travel — because it feeds the algorithm. You shouldn’t believe the term “discovery rate” we’ve been told. Every single artist on the internet knows this term, or should know it well. Here’s a true story.

“Another phrase that was invented by a bot: Just because you are getting more data, doesn’t mean you are actually getting more valuable content.”

If I want to understand how I have transformed online learning, check out the blog is They have stopped updating the content for the last 5 years — they feel bad.

I’m not against it, I just want you to keep in mind that some comments are just spam, with no intention of addressing anything.

This can no longer go without comment. The role of copywriters has shifted very much in the last 3 or 4 years. Copywriting used to sell products, and now it is used to influence, to change the minds of, for example, a very large entity. That’s why we need to become aware of our role, of our brief. Here is my piece on the importance of writing in marketing today.

The biggest difference today in the combintai’s market is that it doesn’t have the right people, on the internet. Someone is more interested in search than translation. As a result, I can translate your blog any time easily, they’ll be so excited because it will be trending quickly that you’ll be their most recent customer. For the others, it’s more of translation non-sense. In fact, a problem also cropped up on my LinkedIn page as a result. I improved the copy on LinkedIn, and it’s like no one’s seen it yet. And because it’s written by an AI algorithm, it’s also Auto-corrected. The same applies to Instagram, but I already told you that that’s very different, and a different field.

Similarity might make the federal government use these bots to dissect Myspace and their forums. Oh, it’s a writing service! The difference is in content quality. Why does it care so much about such a term? Even maps won’t exist after 2021, unless we use the bots to load them with borders. If I have a publisher’s logo, it will be perfectly fit on the map by the bots. Just like ASO.

The big media companies use a dictation function to look at content. They already have the content. How can they increase the accuracy, then? Bots can be used to increase the accuracy up to 15x. For example, when I send a picture of a model of a cat, it’s generally automatically recognized by an AI algorithm, it’ll be in a map, or it won’t have borders, even though it’s a photo of a cat. But I’ve told you already, the purposes are different, you just have to take the right idea and turn it into politics or pictures of houses.

There was already some public talk about AI and machine learning, being used to write posts. These are the people who talk about the algorithms’ inhumanity. For instance, the German government asked the courts if Autocorrect actually is a human. How can we use AI for truthful notes? In fact, AI companies do write every sentence. Even these bots cannot write in English. We must have more of a separation between humans and AIs, or with humans, the AIs’ writing will be more humanic, synthetically, and that’s not the problem. Now, with the implementation of dictionaries, human translators would be taught the English slang, and the products of such companies could also trend faster, increasing the sale after the end of the pandemic, because many products can be hyphenated automatically. As I wrote these lines in 2020, I still can’t understand them, crazy.

As you see, the Artificial Intelligence of these Bots is very high now. To change what they write it depends with what they are feeded. Because they even in this year 2021 have a big impact on direction of discourse especialy on Social Media yet, it is important that even if you think as an leftist i boycott those Bots, that these Bots are feeded not only by Trump Supporters, Right Wing People, and so on. It is Important, to not shift the direction of the discourse into one political side that all parts of the Internet feed these Bots.


What if your wordpress is now an automatic intelligent Blog, Writing and Posting autonomously?

What would happen, if the Functions of Aggregator Plugins for WordPress are combined with Automatic Writing based on A full automatic content creating could be astablished. When a new sort of WordPress Plugins would combine three things, 1st RSS Feed Aggregators, 2nd Datamining, 3rd Sharing and Scraping of Social Media Accounts like Facebook, Youtube, Google, Twitter,, Epubli, and Feedly or even connect those Accounts and combine all three Sources a unknown variability of automated content creating could be astablished. In my point of view, fully automated Blogs and Newspaper like Pages could be becoming part of the Internet and bring AI-Bots to another Level.

What could become the websites of the future? A masterpiece of Laptop Computer software-engineered Writing and Automation Build in Open Source by Jukka Pesonen, available under MIT license. Open Source AI-ready Multifunctional WordPress Plugins

In conclusion, it would be super awesome if a window contains enough Blue Personality Technology detectible type a tendency for AggregatorPlugins, Joint Data Sources, and Interactions for Automatic Content. If the such Window can be made with Arduino, Sensor boards, and Several Android Robots, like Mynewt Dream, Raspberry PI, googles Jetson quadcopter, and Odroid XU4, then a magical Dynamic Intelligence of Combining Aggregator-PLUGINS and Automatic Writing could be developed. A Window with a Personality that creates automatic Writing-Function, arbitrary Picture of the digital World through Computer Vision, Text-to- Speech Synthesis, and Machine Learning. What do you say?

Let’s take an example of a Multi-Human Organization or Wiki. In the World Today, there are a lot of Wikilike Apps and websites, part of the reason is that wordpress is popular as it is. Therefore, most wordpress Plugins can combine 3 source of ‘Information gathering’ for creating content on a platform like WordPress like to create a ‘Cities & Articles’ like Reuters, NBC, etc. The problem with all those Apps is that it is not a Smart Content Platform above, it is a ‘Cities & Articles’ platform with the assist of wordpress Plugins.

Do you know that WordPress Plugins allow you to create Contextual Information about the posts that you create? This information is sometimes experimentally collected and shared publicly for which the paid wordpress hosting and access costs an arm and a leg. Well, the truth is that you can also create Contextual Information for free on a wordpress property and collect it later. But since most of the Places that allows to collect the contextual Information are no longer operational, it is useless and embarrassing.

Dr. John Bingham and his team improved WordPress through Automatic Blogs and Lydia Blog-like Properties. There are too many things that they have improved on, but the one that I find interesting is the Auto-Scraping of Social Media Accounts like Facebook and Instagram.

When it comes to social media collecting like Facebook, the concept is simple. A user can share a post to his friends, of which they can choose to share their public post or a private message to the friend. The client collects the information from the share and the private message and send to the owners of the respective accounts in order to publicly post them. What are Facebook’s end-goal when collecting this information as they want their data to become public and inducing more Visitors to their websites. To explore this better, we need to cover the three parts of the whole process from the connecting of social media accounts to the creation of content in the platform.

The first problem that occurs when collecting information from the various sources is the synchronization of the schedules. Do you know that Social media accounts keep changing their schedules like every 5 minutes or every two hours? It is impossible for us to keep an accurate copy of their calendars. There is no seamless link between all the different social media accounts to make sure, that the same information is always available in the different calendars.

We live in an Age where WordPress and other CMS are used for creating a Blog as many Internet websites have developed to increase their SERPs (Search Engine Result Page). Our World and our People are Becoming more and more Technofied by mistreatings of Human technology Basic needs in Phones, Tablets, Laptops, Computers, etc… And to fill that Empty Space with what? Newer, Better, Faster, Cheaper. It is a Recession for some but it is a Golden Opportunity to use AI for something Artificial.

The Problem of Empty Space was the primary motivation to develop Automatic Content Creation. Computers are fast and powerful so not having to spend a lot of Time on traditional Content Strategy could be a great Opportunity. Automatic Content and Writing without Humans writing is Possible We Just have to put a little bit of Tender Care into It with a little bit of Basic Knowledge in Scraping how things Really are. Automatic writing and content creation could take your WordPress blog and put it in the cloud. When you need to update content then it would be like pulling Posts from the Cloud to Your Inbox so you don’t have to worry about writing Content because a Computer did it. You don’t really have to learn Anything to create Content Automatically like a Cloud Based Writing System but it can Showcase your Writing Skills. You would be in control of coming up with Content ideas and only have to focus on the Writing to Upload and Publish it as soon as your skills Would Grows Genius.

The basic rule of Use a Common Platform Where Possible makes Content Writing more Batch and Secure Solution to Write Economics based on Sharing of Resources and Efficient Scraping of Resources.

During my university days, we had a Use Code Application (Coding Application) made by Shinrin-Yoku and used for teaching Application Development knowledge. I mainly used it to debug problems or even to make small modifications and save it for later use. Nowadays we have modern Large Scale prototype Coding Applications which could be impressive with all the evolution and advancements like the Arduino. With Arduino our Basic knowledge in Arduino IDE is more and more Developed. With Shinrin-Yoku Artificial Intelligence could be used by the masses to createBasic Writing in Arduino IDE. Kimotos Writing System would be an Advanced Writing System as it would show us Advanced Learning Capabilities. It would be an Advanced Writing System with Visual Modifications and show us Advanced Creativity as this is an Advanced Writing System that shows us we can combine Human Knowledge and Artificial Intelligence Smart so Smart it would make us smarter.

Till here everything is created with

Today round about 40% of commercial use on Social Media is created by Artificial Intelligence and at least 70% of all Commercials on for Example Facebook are created by AI’s.

I think in the Future fully automated Blogs and Newspaper like Webpages will be the major part of all that like Pages and for Users it wont be distinguishable if a Source is made by a Human Being or an Artificial Intelligence Program.

Thats why it is important that all variaties of people with mostly different Interests feed those Alghorhythms. Otherwise, who will force the political, ethical and so on direction in wich these Alghorhythms roll, will lead the mainstream Opinions in Society – State and Worldwide.

Because of the lag of ability of a major part of differential view of our society yet, this is a big thread to freedom and where our World is heading to.

Who leads the main discource direction leads the world.